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  • Randall Wilson, Psy.D.

A new and simple technique for working with anxiety...

Do you struggle with anxiety? Of course you do! Everyone who is awake and paying attention in the modern world experiences anxiety at some point. If you've REALLY struggled with anxiety, then by this point you've probably come across a whole menu of techniques and products claiming to help reduce it. Today I want to present one that you probably haven't come across, because it's so simple (and so cheap) that no one is going to try to sell it to you!

When dealing with anxiety, you've probably been told at some point that you need to "slow down." Usually this is meant figuratively... your life is too fast-paced, you're worrying about too many things too quickly, you need to slow down. But I want to offer a technique that is about literally slowing down. This means whatever it is that you are doing in the moment... walking, driving, cooking, showering, typing, whatever it is... intentionally doing it slower.

The trick to this technique is that by intentionally moving slower you force yourself to attend more closely and consciously to the present moment. It's a quick and easy method of tapping into the power of mindfulness. Slowing down your movements means being more intentional about your actions and more mindful of the present moment.

This technique can easily be expanded out into different areas of life as well. Feeling anxious during social interactions? Pause and slow down before each response in the conversation. Struggling with eating issues? Practice eating slowly and mindfully. Having trouble kicking some old habits or vices? Instead of trying to just stop doing them, try slowing them down and doing them more consciously and intentionally.

That's all there is to it. Very simple, just physically slow down whatever you're doing, on purpose, and allow that to connect you to the present moment, and allow the magic of open, present moment awareness to take over. Thanks for reading!

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