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  • Randall Wilson, Psy.D.

When life gets weird...

In case you haven't noticed, life is kind of weird. Isn't everything that's happened over the last few years really weird? News... politics... all super weird. Isn't it also true that whenever you think you've got something completely planned out, something weird happens and it's not at all how you thought it would go? Why is it that life is so weird and unpredictable?

Well, maybe it's because life is so interesting, so complicated, so unpredictable that none of us are ever going to be able to fully know how things will turn out in our lives. And maybe that's a good thing. Let's consider for a moment that we could somehow change this issue of life being weird. Imagine that you were given the ability to control how every part of your life is going to turn out moving forward, right down to the finest detail. Sounds wonderful, right? Really think it through though... Wouldn't that get boring? Like walking into a movie and knowing the entire script before you even watch it. No surprises, no unexpected plot twists. You'd already know what every person in your life was going to say and do before they did it, how every relationship was going to go before it happened.

Also, consider how much work would be involved if you really had this ability to control how everything in your life would turn out. It would be exhausting and tedious. And so now let's revisit this idea of life being weird, and that being a good thing. Maybe the ideal option is what we already have. Delegate all of that work of tightly controlling life and instead let life happen and enjoy the ride. Every surprise, every plot twist in your life, painful or pleasant, can be appreciated for how interesting and weird it really is.

So when life get's weird, get weird with it. Dive in and appreciate the weirdness. Be grateful for the fact that you never know exactly what's going to happen next. Because the best moments in life are often the ones that surprise us.

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